Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Spring in pictures

Hello, haven't again been very active but now that I'm back in Finland I feel as I should share some of my favorite moments from our travels during this spring! I obviously also did some studying, but I only had lectures on 2 days of the week so plenty of time to travel! And for those curious to know, I did pass all my modules with flying colours even though I had to write 2 exams and let me tell you, boy are the exams different from the ones at Laurea. But now to my spring!

After spending Christmas back home in Finland I started a 3 week long travel through England and Wales with Lucy, so we had decided to meet up in London. I flew in a bit early to see my US friend Lauren after two years living in different countries, now we were both living in the UK!

On 9.1 I met up with Lucy so we could start our awesome trip, starting with London and Oxford.

Next we moved on to Wales where we visited Cardiff, Swansea, Aberystwyth (where we did an awesome hike along the coast) and Lampeter.

Next we traveled to Liverpool and Manchester.

Second last stop for us was York, an old and bautiful city that totally won our hearts (as well as Wales).

We returned to Hamilton 31.1 via Newcastle, such an amazing experience where we met many great and welcoming people while couchsurfing and got to experience England and Wales in a great way.

In February we visited Isle of Mull.

In March I got to experience a real British weekend through HostUK where I visited a family up north in Carrbridge.

In April I visited Lauren in London again before she left back to the States.
Late April we did a rather spontaneous trip to Isle of Skye with Lucy complete with sleeping in the car, making a fire and dancing at a local Ceilidh.

In May my parents came to visit for a week during which we drove through the Highlands from east to west, visiting great castles, distilliries and the breathtaking Isle of Skye.

Now back in Finland looking back at these pictures makes me wish I was still in Scotland, but instead I'll be starting my third year at Laurea in Espoo.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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