Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New start

I'm planning on bringing this blog back to the land of living since now I again have something to blog about, my upcoming exchange year to Scotland! Well it's not 100% sure yet, so don't call me a liar if it comes to nothing but I'm just so excited I can't wait till it's absolutely sure to start blogging again!

There has happened a lot between this and my last post, but maybe the biggest change you guys should be aware of is that I quit at Pietarsaari, moved to Espoo and study now Security Management at Laurea UAS.

But about my exchange! So the school I'm applying to is the University of West Scotland, or UWS for short. They are located near Glasgow, so that's where you will hopefully find me starting from September. At this point most people ask ''Why Scotland?'', so I'll answer that for you. As a security management student I didnt have all that many destinations to choose from if I wanted to study my own field, but luckily most of the schools that were suitable are located in Europe, which was where I wanted to go anyway.So UWS offers great courses but also c'mon, its the UK who wouldn't wanna go there? And the yummy accent? Yes please! (lets not get into how it doesn't even sound like English sometimes, okay?)

So this is the plan, I'll probably post thing along my process of applying and moving this summer, maybe it'll help someone else plan their study abroad in the future.