Sunday, September 13, 2015

First days in Hamilton

Got my wifi working, yay!

I've now been here in Hamilton for a few days and little by little get my bearings around here. The city is located on a hill, so I have a pretty great view from my window! Apartment is okay, roommates great! We are still waiting for one more roomie, but so far there are 5 of us; me, two French, a German and an Austrian girl.

My flight was on Friday; I started at 4am and was in Glasgow at 3.30pm. There was a UWS representative to welcome me at the airport after which a UWS driver took me and some other international students to Hamilton where I got my flat key. Friday I was too tired to do anything productive other than go to the store and get some breakfast supplies. Now I've mostly been getting to know my roomies and shopping for essentials for two days. Yesterday we went for a local pub round with other internationals, quite a different experience than in Finland!

My induction starts on Tuesday, more info about my studies then!:)

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