Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scotland, - I'M COMING THERE!

I've wanted to do study abroad for as long as I can remember, and now it's actually happening! I actually got my Erasmus confirmation on 6th of June already, and now about a week ago my study counsillor at UWS contacted me to welcome me and to let me know she will answer any quesions I might have about my studies at UWS. I'm so excited about studying criminology/criminal justice for a year to support my security management degree, and also getting to use my rusty english skills.

I still havent booked my flights (should've done that already) as I have chickened out of it every time I go to book them. I think it will feel more real when there is a definitive day I'm going to leave. I'm gonna do it soon though, for sure. School starts on either 14th or 15th of September, so I still have more than a month to get my shit togther.

So far this has been such a great summer and I'm trying to save up so that I can travel in the UK as much as possible. Why do train tickets in Finland cost so much?? I'm trying to see as much of everyone as I can before I leave but with my busy work schedule and cost of traveling I could be doing a better job of it. But if you're reading this and would like to see me before I leave just send me a pm and we'll work out something.

To do -list:

  • Book flight
  • Apply for acommodation
  • Renew passport
  • Arrange moving
  • Pack
  • Apply for KELA support
  • Inform empolyer
  • Research insurance
  • Dont stress

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